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                    Aquawoman Dive 2003

 Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Janice Raber

Is this news?  Not to the girls who scuba dive on Long Island, and especially those who participate in the annual Aqua-Women Dive sponsored by the Long Island Divers Association (LIDA).  Every August, as sure as the sparrows returning to Capistrano, the Aqua-Women assemble together for their descent to the depths of a local shipwreck in the ocean waters around Long Island. 


The tradition was started in 1980 when female wreck divers were scarce. Back then the sport seemed to be more attractive to the “macho-male,” and was somewhat intimidating for those women who occasionally ventured out on a dive charter boat.    Edith Hoffman, then the Vice President of LIDA, spearheaded the idea and encourage experienced women to exchange ideas and mentor newcomers to the sport.  The event was a resounding success and has continued for over two decades.  While Northeast diving is equipment-intensive, these days the gear is more sophisticated, much of it designed specifically for women and therefore more women are enjoying diving.